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Copacetic Beard Salve

  • Style, shape and condition your beard with Copacetic Beard Salve. Packed full of naturally occurring emollients with  their amazing benefits. Beeswax and Shea Butter combined with Almond and Abyssinian Oil will leave your facial hair smooth, conditioned and combat itchiness and irritation. The rich warm scent of wood spice is the result of our own blend of roasted nutmeg, tobacco flower, black pepper and mandarin, which when combined offers a unique masculine richness. Oh boy, it smells good.

    To use: Remove a small amount with the back of your nail and rub between palms to melt the salve into a rich emollient. Run through the beard with your hands starting at the neck and working upwards, ensuring it is also worked well into the skin and hair from root to tip. Finish by smoothing down in the direction of growth to shape and style. No mess, no stress, it’s all copacetic.

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